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Saturday, June 18, 2011

All The Way Or Not At All

The almost unknown, yet so great of a rocknroll outfit that any adjective below does no great favor to the almost legendary outfit, Kansas City's Cretin 66. Their blazing high energy kick you between the legs rocknroll personifies their basic philosophy in life, All The Way Or Not At All.

In short, it is my goal to transfer high energy sonic jams into high energy blazing journeys of blazing footwork. My first 5K race tested this very intense proclamation to the point that my leg work would set the pavement afire if it was not for the previously intense thundershowers. My eventual sore feet managed to keep up with many twenty and thirty somethings while my 47 year old body managed to prevail.

Despite the very threatening looking weather [see the above radar photo], I managed to run a 8:24 pace for 3.1 miles, with the total time reading 00:26:06. I was completely gasping for air after my sprint across the finish line.

And the first thing that popped into my frazzled mind? All the way or not at all!

p.s. : Here are the race results!

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