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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Splitting Random Thoughts

I am constantly living the life of a circus performer. I wake up in the morning and hoping by a prayer to motivate myself enough to rise before the sun beats me to my running jaunts, doing the tasks of everyday life before it totally overtakes me.

Even though Thursday has hightailed itself to the current position on my sometimes chaotic calender, this has been a week that shall never slip from my brainstem. Even though the buzz of the electronic device ordering competitive swimmers to strat the race in the evening, the day was already on for Shannon as everybody being surrounded by swimming pools was wondering if mother nature's electrical wrath was going to be exhibited via thunderbolts. Earlier in the day, it had rained poolfulls [bad pun intended] to the point of practice being cancelled. Naturally, most parents were wondering whether a full evening of swimming events was going to be allowed to occur. Of course, I had doubts flowing through my mind!

Come 4:45, things appear a bit on the rough side looking upwards into the sky. Rain producing clouds tormented everyone looking northwest. It appears that cancellation is written all over this event as a huge black cloud intimidates everybody poolside. After the traditional organized choas of transferring the list of races from the computer printout to the childs arm using a permament marker, the festivities began.

We all waited, and waited until the heats accumulated to lucky thirteen. Shannon climbed onto the starting blocks with her hair slightly tucked into her bathing cap, feeling the cold wind blow against her bathing suit. Before we knew anything, the starting buzzer at this very efficiently run meeet had sounded off. Into the water went Shannon, as her free-style was gliding her through the mixture of h2o and chlorine. I looked in amazement as she was running towards the front of the pack. In the end, Shannon barely edged herself to second place.

Fast forward to heat number 37. Shannon jumps off the strating block in glee into the very cold water. Shannon immediately grabs the chrome colored starting bar and propels herself into the backstroke upon the electronic prompt. Once again, she resembles a machine on its back moving and moving without stopping until she reaches her destination; the finish line. She has had another great race as she was excited, but in the zone to the point of not knowing the result. When I had informed her of finishing number one, she was very excited to the point of a huge smile. After this meet, we all drove back home, cold, yet happy that Shannon was not only very successful, but that the meet was not trampled upon by the weather.

Cough cough, sneeze, sneeze.... achoooooo! Waking up the next morning ended up being an event in itself with Shannon not only sneezing like crazy, but her ears bothering her to the point of its overly red colors being a painful irritant. After my Tuesday morning run of 4 miles or so, my fingers had to dial my children's doctor and I have since been enduring an uneventful event of putting up with random coughs, sneezes, and medicine dosages while mentally preparing myself for my upcoming 5K run.... my first race ever as I have only participated in the usually very child friendly fun runs.

One more random thought, enjoy the video below. Or as my son Ian says, How random!

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