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Friday, June 3, 2011


Or lack there of....

Last night's musical jaunt into the depths of 1980's Youtube inspired music brought me out to a disaster on the other end of the tunnel. In short, my eyes were transfixed upon the computer to the point of oversleeping with the end result being no run. I am just questioning myself; was it worth it? The reality is that it does not matter anymore.

In a timemachine, I magically press a button to take me back to the good old days, circa 1986. I imagine myself in college on a bitterly cold night in the town of Bennington, VT. I am urgently drawing on a bottle of Moosehead beer, listening to the sweet sounds of Minnesota's punk rock band, Husker Du. Some say these guys are unlistenable.... my opinion regresses.

Fast forward many many years later. My ears are chronologically documenting the sounds; in rock critic terms, I've got to say that this band resembles a very much amplified version of the Beatles. To go a bit further, these alleged Swedish lads [am I wrong to presume since they are from Minnesota?] are not only one of the greatest unknown outfits ever, but according to my snotty opinion, one of the best ever. Period!

Is this the ending? How Lame! Oh well....

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