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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Miles Davis, Freedom, Simplicity, and Nothing

Wow.... listening to Miles Davis' trumpet expresses a dangerously similar freedom as I felt today during today's run/bike jaunt. This freedom to let go was produced with my footsteps/bike peddling while Mr. Davis and his almost magical trumpet displays the freedom of his simple, yet drawn out style of trumpeting.

I praise Miles Davis.... in my book, your attitude, style of trumpeting, and almost everything about this epic legend screams the phrase King of Cool. Mr Davis; let me reach into your pocket as I want to steal ten percent of your coolness. Transforming your trumpeting style into my running style seems possible as I slip on my shoes that are destined to hit the pavement. I have nothing else to say as my ears attach it's hearing tubes to your horn. My feet are done moving for the night, but they meekly attemopt to capture Mile's movement, tapping its toes, listening to his musical masterpieces.

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